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Clay Gulgong

Clay Gulgong Exhibition 'Unique'
Eight of Australia’s leading woodfirers: Su Hanna, Susie McMeekin, Daniel Lafferty, Geoff Thomas, Josh Rowell, Rob Barron, Sergei Shatrov and Venessa Stella Skye
CURATED BY: Su Hanna Formally opened by: Josh Copus

wood firing 2023
The Showroom is open
Daniel Lafferty's heart bowls
NSW Creative Kids
Shop at Belco Arts Canberra
Making our own Wild Clay
Bandicoot Pottery Showroom
sustainability and the environment

Wood firing residency at Bandicoot Pottery - Kil.n.It 2024

In July/August 2024, as part of the CreateNSW funded ceramics exchange, experimental ceramics studio in Glebe NSW and Bandicoot Pottery outside Cobargo NSW, are collaborating in a wood-firing event. The wood firing ceramic collaboration focuses on the three artists selected for the residency. This document introduces you to Bandicoot Pottery wood firing.

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Our Pottery Studio and Showroom are always OPEN for a visit - please give us a call, email or message to make sure we are not in town drinking coffee! 

Awesome Things About Pottery!!!!

  • Pottery was first developed by prehistoric cultures about 25,000 BC.

  • The oldest known pottery was discovered in China is over 20,000 years old

  • There are different types of clay! rake, paper clay, terracotta, white earthenware, stoneware, wild clay and porcelain .... 

  • Stains and slip and glaze gives pottery its vibrant colours.

  • Pottery is fired at low temperatures 1100' C and high temperatures 1300' C. This heat transforms the clay into a hardened, durable material.

  • Pottery traditions can be found in various cultures all over the world...

  • Functional pottery is used everyday - get some in your life!

  • Traditional pottery techniques, such as wheel throwing and hand-building, have been passed down through generations of potters and are practiced and valued in the our local pottery community.

Redeem your NSW creative kids vouchers with us!

Kids Clay Club pottery classes are popular if you would like to make a deposit for a pottery class using your creative kids voucher placontact us.. 

'Wild Clay'

Source local clays and minerals for glazes to reduce “ceramic miles”. Our works are produced from clay - one of earth's magical materials. Daniel digs, fossicks and prepares his own 'wild' clay and glaze materials which reduces costs of transportation. 

Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard

We have completed our Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard, which measures our efforts toward tourism sustainability. We have started our pathway to continuous improvement, for more information

Planet Saving Pottery Tips for an environmentally friendly studio. 

  1. We source local clays and minerals for glazes to reduce “ceramic miles”. Clay is one of earth's magical materials so Daniel digs, and prepares his own 'wild' clay and glaze materials which reduces costs. 

  2. Our wood-fired kiln uses local scrap wood to fuel it. Wood firing is one of the most environmentally friendly practices as far as pottery goes.

  3. We always completely fill up our electric kiln before firing, sometimes this means you will have to wait a little longer for work to be finished. 

  4. Recycle waste clay to turn into more pots through reclaiming clay, then reusing or sharing it. 

  5. Pack and post pots using post-consumer waste -  re-use bubble wrap, old newspapers and cardboard boxes from the local shops to package and post our works.

  6. Recycle clay and glaze waste -  our fired clay as aggregate on our driveway! 

  7. What are “ceramic miles”?  the distance imported and exported products travel to reach their customer or artist. The more miles attributed to any piece of ceramic, the less environmentally friendly it is.

  8. Reduce the ceramic carbon footprint by focusing more on local making and local sourcing. 

  9. You can do it too by supporting your local pottery and buying locally. 

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