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Bandicoot Pottery is a small community pottery studio, we ask that you to please read and respect our studio policies. All classes are subject to availability and may be cancelled at any time, under our discretion.


When you book a place in for one of our courses, your seat is reserved for you. Please make your best effort to choose a time slot that suits your schedule.


So happy the new program has streamlined redeeming vouchers! All I need is a copy of the voucher with bar code emailed so I can claim through Service NSW. 


We have a strict seven-day cancellation policy for our classes and workshops. If less than seven days' notice is given, we may not be unable to offer a refund, however, we are able to offer you a credit or move you to the next available course. Please note, cancellations within 48 hours of your class will receive no refund or credit. We are a small studio, with very small, intimate classes, and it is unlikely that with less than 48 hours notice we will not be able to fill your seat. You are more than welcome to send a friend in your place. Just shoot Gabrielle an email and let us know.



If a class is missed, we will try to put you into another class. If this is not possible there will be no make-up session offered as this requires an additional time commitment for us. Please set a reminder and double-check class dates and times prior to booking. If you want to arrange an additional class it will be charged at $100 per hour.


If more than seven days’ notice is given, you are more than welcome to reschedule your class to the next class available. Please contact to request the rescheduling of your class.


It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the storage policy. We have a strict ONE MONTH storage policy because we have very limited shelving and storage space at the moment. This includes works waiting to be finished and finished work waiting to be collected. Please let us know when you can pick up works because if pieces are not collected within this time frame, they will be discarded. If you cannot collect your finished work please let us know and we are happy to make alternative arrangements.


If you speak with any seasoned ceramists, they will tell you that the first rule in pottery is not to get too attached. Pottery requires patience and resilience and creating handmade ceramics is a process. There are numerous things that can go wrong along the way but we want you to succeed, and we will do our absolute best to get your pieces through their making/firing journey undamaged. However we are human and accidents do happen. 


We have clay for sale usually $35 for a 15 kg bag. The cost of firing is increasing all the time so our firing rate is $20 per kilo for our students


We require a minimum of 4 bookings in order to run a class. If we do not meet this minimum, we may cancel the course at any time and offer you a full refund or a credit to attend a class of the same value in the future.


Bandicoot Pottery and its employees are not liable or responsible for any accidental injury to students or any loss or damage to personal possessions.


Bandicoot Pottery reserves the right to take photographs/video footage during classes that may and to use photographs/video footage for the purpose of promotion and advertising our classes in all media in perpetuity and without payment to students.


It is the responsibility of the person booking the class to inform other participating students of our terms and conditions.


By completing the purchase, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions.


Your course is saying its full booked out - my friend is in this course and can i join this group?

We try to fit people in but we do want to limit numbers of people in our studio - contact us and see if we can squeeze you in.

I don't want to pay online - can you invoice me?

Yes we can send you an invoice and you can direct deposit into our account.

I would like to do one off training session with you - do you offer one on one teaching? 

We don't because it is not worth our while to do this. We offer small groups with 2 qualified potters so you can get plenty of support.

Can i do one session for 2 Hours?

Sorry no we don't offer one off sessions as the pots you make need to be finished. When you work with clay you have to be able to finish your pots when they are leather hard.

Can I book in for a group a few months away and pay closer to the course?

Yes that's fine just email Gabrielle and she can enrole you.

Can I pay a weekly fee?

No we don't offer this - we need to get your payment to secure your place in the course. Payment to be finalised before the course commences or by prior arrangement.

I have creative kids vouchers and your website does not accept the code - what do i do?

Sorry our American website doesn't recognise NSW vouchers. Please email Gabrielle - we can book you in and claim the voucher through Service NSW and then invoice you for the difference. 

When will my pots be ready?

We try to have pots finalised in about 3 weeks after class. Gabrielle will email you and let you know when they are finished.

When is the next class running?

We try to list all groups on our book now page. If you want a special group please contact us. 

Is there any classes in August?

No sorry it's very cold in our big shed so we have a break over winter and Daniel usually fires his wood kiln so no time for classes. 

I have 3 people want to book into a workshop and website says there are only 2 places left.

We prefer a maximum of 6 but sometimes we can add another person to a course - email us! 

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